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Collaboration Showdown: WebEx vs Skype vs Zoom

What does each service do?

Webex Meetings allows users to meet face-to-face from a desktop, laptop, mobile device or video conferencing unit. It uses the reliable Cisco infrastructure and integrates with Webex Teams as well as with other prominent vendors such as Microsoft.

Zoom allows users to meet face-to-face seamlessly from a web browser, from the desktop app or the mobile app. Zoom rapidly grew in the last few years and conquered many by its ease of use, quality and reliability.

Skype for Business combines the features of the popular consumer video calling platform Skype and the strong Microsoft Lync capabilities. It integrates with many key Microsoft applications, but also well-known software providers such as Salesforce.

The Important question, Skype for Business, Webex, Zoom: which one do we advise?

We are often asked for advice about which video conferencing/collaboration platform to choose. The answer to this is different for each company. The choice will depend on all kind of factors within your company, such as, the number of people in meetings, infrastructure, existing vendors, use of video endpoints, etc.

Skype for Business can sometimes end up being more expensive than Webex because of quality issues and time to fix problems. But if your infrastructure rests on many Microsoft products, you will have fewer vendors to contact when something happens.

If you just want to have meetings with great quality and ease of use, Zoom will be your friend. But if you are looking for a more robust experience outside of meetings, Zoom might not be your preferred choice. The support experience, when needed, is also mostly pleasant.

Webex Meetings is robust, has an impeccable quality even though it can sometimes be challenging to newbies. But, if you need to integrate your meeting experience with the whole collaboration journey, before, during, and after the meeting, all within one service, We would recommend Webex.

But don’t forget the key element: at the end of the day, this is primarily about the people using it. They can make the technology a great success with an amazing return on investment, or break it. So make sure a complete deployment plan is in place before rolling your solution to the enterprise.

When your organization is ready to implement a new collaboration platform, be sure to contact 24ITintegrator, LLC to make sure you pick the correct package for your company, and assist in the development of a deployment plan to ease roll out to your end users.

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