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Data Center Services


The data center is the core technology that houses the core technology that drives your business and most critical data systems. 24ITintegrator offers the expertise and services you need to plan, analyze, design, consolidate and support the key components of your data center.

Key components include:
  • Structured cabling

  • Physical and Virtual server environments

  • Storage solutions

  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions

  • In house and Co-location selection

We have the expertise to help you build the secure data center that you need to run your critical business applications.  Wether you want to build it in your own office, or need help finding the best co-location site to meet your needs,  24ITintegrator is ready to assist.  We offer a wide range of services including network architecture, structured cabling and SAN design.  We also have proven success with building the redundancy and resiliency your business needs to stay operational.

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