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Network Design


Computer networks and infrastructures are at the core of modern communication.

Great structures don’t start at the foundation, they begin with a well-thought-out set of blue prints. No matter how great your software and equipment is that you use to build your IT Infrastructure, it only works well if you plan it right.

From remote access to internetworking solutions, 24ITintegrator can assess your current and future needs and create the appropriate plan for your business. To create your company’s IT plan, our consulting team evaluates all aspects of your current network infrastructure including network topology, Internet and phone connectivity, firewalls, routers, switches, desktops, laptops, servers, printers, remote access, messaging platforms, PDAs, removable devices, backup devices, security applications, power sources, and more.


Our IT consulting team’s methodology includes the following:
  • Comprehensive and unobtrusive data gathering procedures

  • Expert and collaborative design and build processes

  • Industry specific and scalable options


At any point in the evaluation process, our IT consulting team will be available to address your questions and concerns. We actively seek your input at all stages of the design process. Your feedback will enable us to create a network that meets your day-to-day operational needs and budget. We also take into consideration your company’s requirements for storing and accessing customer data and for communicating with customers. Plus, all network plans will adhere to state and federal regulations. For companies that require maximum uptime, we provide 24/7 remote management and monitoring of all network devices to ensure no interruptions occur.

Wireless That Does More

We'll also help you optimize wireless communication with a design that fits your business and your budget . Incorrectly configuring your wireless network risks a network unable to handle future demands of mobile devices, smart phones, tablets and the ongoing wave of dynamic new products. All wireless devices are not created equal, and it's vital that the network addresses your specific coverage today with a vision looking into the future. 

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