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IT Strategic Planning

Virtual CIO Services


It’s clear that a seasoned, professional IT leader is needed to provide IT direction and management in every organization, large or small.

However, many organizations find themselves without the support of a Chief Information Officer (CIO), for several reasons:

  • The organization lacks the size to justify a full time position

  • A capable CIO who held the position, recently departed the organization

  • An acquisition or merger is about to, or has, taken place and the uncertainty has caused a vacancy in the CIO role


Regardless of the reason, the need is clear and immediate. 24ITintegrator's Virtual CIOs have the requisite experience and background needed to define and execute your technology strategy across your organization.


Long recruiting cycles are common for executive technology positions. By utilizing our Virtual CIO Services, you save time and get your strategy on track immediately. Our Virtual CIO, is not encumbered by existing politics, but is sensitive to it. Thus removing constraints that might otherwise hinder in-house resources. And, our Virtual CIO Service is cost effective when compared to the cost of adding Full Time Equivalent (FTE) position.


Here’s how it works. One of our senior level IT professionals will serve as your company’s CIO, providing you with an ongoing, high-level analysis of your current infrastructure and measuring it against an IT scorecard to see how your technology investments are being utilized and how they can be used more efficiently. Typical tasks include:

  • Interface with your business executives and technology users to insure that IT goals are met in support of your organization’s core business

  • Perform strategic and budget planning and identify and evaluate the business impacts of your technology decisions

  • Ensure that you have a strategic IT roadmap in place, and conduct thorough evaluations before you adopt new technologies

  • Provide IT Executive Management assistance for business planning, budgeting, and strategic IT decision-making

  • Work with senior managers to provide guidance on technology direction, challenges, decisions and opportunities

  • Monitor and manage IT performance across all related vendors and report service performance metrics

  • Manage broader client IT environment and facilities and the IT spend within the defined budget

  • Provide monthly updates to the Executive Team, including Board of Directors reporting as required

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