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Telephony and VoIP

Telephony and (VoIP) Voice-Over-IP Systems


VoIP, or Voice-over-Internet-Protocol, is a phone system that connects to a network or the Internet. With this connectivity, you can access your phone system wherever there is an Internet connection. Plus, VoIP systems have fixed rates and can save your organization thousands of dollars on long-distance and overseas calls. Our Telephony support team will work closely with your company to assess your needs, and help you find and implement appropriate solutions to replace or improve your current phone system.


24ITintegrator, LLC's team provides the following:
  • Low-cost hardware, support, and upgrades

  • Redundant connectivity options, which ensure uptime

  • Unlimited global calling

  • New features not available with older phone systems

  • Installation, maintenance, and ongoing support from a single point of contact

  • Migration from your current business phone system to VoIP


VoIP systems reduce costs by being able to tap existing network and wireless connections. This capability can allow your employees to stay productive whether they’re at home, in the office, or on the road.

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